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Could not find schema information for the element ‘oracle.manageddataaccess.client’

26 November 2015

Lately I had to come up with a solution about this problem. Albeit Visual Studio (2015) issued only a Message the Release compilation resulted always with an empty oracle.manageddataaccess.client tag deleting all children. This in consequence crashed the connection to Oracle. How easier would be if Oracle would supply a simple xsd file! But they do not – at least with the last ( version.

Unfortunately, I failed to find any solution for Oracle 12c. Those circulating for version 11 do not work because of the different DLLs.

After three days hustle and bustle the solution turns out to be quite obvious and easy. Hoping to save some time to anyone facing this problem, here are the steps (I used Visual Studio, but any other XML/XSD editor will do the same I believe).

  1. Copy the node with all its contents into a new XML file.
  2. Open it.
  3. From XML menu chose Create Schema
  4. Save the new (XSD) file. I did it in the root folder, but it is a free choice.
  5. Activate/Open app.config (web.config) file
  6. From XML menu chose Schemas…
  7. The new file should be visible in the list or (if not) use Add button
  8. Set a tick on the most left column if it does not exists.
  9. Save and close

The problem should disappear.

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