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HowTo Fix Easily Oracle SQL Developer MSVCR71.DLL Not Found Error

14 November 2013

I’ve downloaded latest Windows 32-bit – zip file includes the JDK1.6.0_35 version (currently 3.2.2) of SQL Developer (Oracle). Happily unzipped it in a folder (F:\sqldeveloper in my case) and started sqldeveloper.exe immediately. And immediately got MSVCR71.DLL Not Found Error (images 1 & 2).

MSVCR71.DLL Not Found Error

image 1: MSVCR71.DLL Not Found Error

MSVCR71.DLL Not Found Error

image 2: MSVCR71.DLL Not Found Error

Of course MSVCR71.DLL was missing in my Windows 8 PC. I found this article, describing the error and giving a solution. But I’m not a fan of registry poking, so I’ve asked myself whether there is another way to achieve the same result.

First in my mind came the PATH environment variable. So I’ve opened my Control Panel -> System (image 3) and clicked on Advances system settings. (image 4)

Control Panel

image 3: Control Panel

Advanced Settings

image 4: Advanced Settings

System Properties dialog was brought with Advanced tab selected. Path is in another dialog, which is opened by Environment Variables button click. (image 5)

System Properties

image 5: System Properties

In the lower box (System variables – image 6) is located Path variable (perhaps you’ll need to scroll down a little bit.) Use Edit button and add at the end of Variable value field (lower one) the path to you jdk-jre-bin folder.

Environment Variables

image 6: Environment Variables

Click consecutively all OK buttons to close everything opened and fire sqldeveloper.exe. Now it should work properly.

Path value

image 7: Path value

jre location

image 8: jre location


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  1. Pradeep permalink

    Worked perfectly!

  2. ashok permalink

    its perfect 🙂

    • Glad to be of help. Please share article with others, might help someone else too… Thank you

  3. MaX permalink

    Thanks, worked like a charm..

  4. Rathinakumar permalink

    Superb Thanks

  5. Vkothari permalink

    I was almost giving up on this error and thinking of alternative and saw this post. I’ve set the environment variables before but didn’t think of this will be needed. Thanks

  6. Rodrigo permalink

    No lucky, so far.

  7. radhika permalink

    Thank you so much. This absolutely works fine.

  8. Srikanth permalink

    Thanks a lot for the post. Really works like charm.

    • Glad to help. Please share this article within your network. It might be useful for others too. Thank you

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