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ProjectBuildCounter: How to increment Build number of a Visual Studio project

25 March 2013

Strange that Visual Studio even in its 2012 version does not support automation build numbering or at least howto information  is hart to dig out. For me it is quite boring to do it by hand. Fortunately there is a sample in Microsoft documentation that helps in creating some own automation and few other tools doing this.

It is as easy as creating a Console applications and bind it to desired build.

ProjectBuildCounter is a small project that does just this – when a build is fired increments assembly and file versions. There is some readme in the project that will explain how to use it.

There are also other similar projects (Increment Build Number in VS.NET and Automatic Build Versioning in Visual Studio) you could use and the steps are quite similar.

Here is a how to video from ProjectBuildCounter (download here)

Generally you need to add a post build command of the sort: like helper_application param1 param2 paranN. And that’s it. Wherever you build the project build number will be greater than before. Below is a small video showing these steps.

Hope this small writing to be helpful.


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  1. sampath lokuge permalink

    Yep,Nice Tip.

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