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17 February 2012

ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta announced ASP.NET Web API as one of the new features on coming release.

As stated ASP.NET Web API is a new framework capable to service many different types of clients, browsed and mobile devices. It is intended to become a platform for building RESTful services. Among the new features are

  • Direct access to HTTP requests and responses. For the purpose there is a strongly typed HTTP object model. Same model available through the new HttpClient type.
  • Support the full set of route capabilities including route parameters and constraints. Attributes such as [HttpPost] no longer needed to classes and methods.
  • Default support for XML, JSON, and Form URL-encoded formats. Supported extention by adding new formatters, or even replace the default content negotiation strategy. Client and server can specify the format for data being returned.
  • Easy data extraction from various parts of an HTTP request. Further those might be converted into .NET objects and used by the Web API actions.
  • Extended filters supports including new developed filters for actions, authorization and exception handling.
  • Querying support via the OData URL conventions returning IQueryable<T>
  • Improved testability of HTTP details
  • Clean config files by Code-based configuration
  • Web APIs can be hosted in different than IIS process keeping the full power of routes and other features.



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