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ModalPopup of AJAX Control Toolkit has a new May 2011 release

12 May 2011

Issued Version 50508 of  AJAX Control Toolkit contains NET4 Binary, NET3.5 Binary and Source.

  1. First to note is that this version is not compatible with ASP.NET 2.0. Last one is Version 3.0.20229 which could be downloaded here.
  2. Control Tookit 3.5 requires to use ToolkitScriptManager instead of ASP.NET ScriptManager.
  3. Control Tookit4 requires Visual Studio 2010 and cannot be loaded in Visual Studio 2008.
  4. Visual Studio 2008 must have Visual Studio Service Pack 1 installed to use Ajax Control Toolkit

Main changes are in ModalPopup and AsyncFileUpload where 34 bugs are reported closed.

ModalPopup improvements

Interaction with the page when dialog is visible is disabled.

ModalPopup is stated to be completely cross-browser compatible.

Modal content can be any hierarchy of controls. Custom script typically is used to apply whatever changes were made while the modal mode was active.

Postback is possible if the OK/Cancel control are allowed to postback.

Modal popup is centered on the page by default but it has X and Y properties allowing absolutely positioning anywhere else.

From this release ModalPopup supports animations which could be bind to one or more of the following events:

  • OnShowing – Called before popup is shown.
  • OnShown – Called after popup is shown.
  • OnHiding – Called before popup is hidden.
  • OnHidden – Called after popup is hidden.
<act:ModalPopupExtender ID = "MPETest" . . . runat="server">
<Fadein />
<Fadeout />

Reference list of  available animations exists here.


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