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Installation Problem with ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM KB2483190

20 April 2011

When I first installed MVC3 everything was fine and installations passed with few clicks. Trying to install same downloaded exe to another PC I was surprised when it hanged on “installing vs10-KB2483190-x86” followed by installation interruption.

After poking here and there I ended with the following:

  1. Extracted (with WinRAR) the AspNetMVC3Setup.exe in an empty folder. It doesn’t matter where.
  2. Opened parameterinfo.xml with a text editor
  3. Found the tag  <Exe CanonicalTargetName=”VS10-KB2483190-x86” . . .
  4. Commented out the Exe tag and saved the file.
  5. Run setup.exe

This time installation was successful.


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One Comment
  1. Leo permalink

    the install finally progressed , you’re the man

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